Graduating Class Teachers' Meeting
At noon on December 11th, Anqing Foreign Language School's Primary Department held the graduating class teachers' meeting in the conference room on the first floor of the administration building. This is the second graduating class teachers' meeting held this semester, which was attended by the leaders of the Primary Department and Chinese, math and English teachers teaching in Grade 6 and presided over by Director Zhao Xinlong.
At the meeting, Director Zhao Xinlong analyzed the scores of the sixth grade students in the district teaching quality test  and the municipal seventh grade unified test in the past two years, and put forward scientific guidance for the teaching of Chinese, math and English of this year’s graduation classes. Afterwards, Director Xu Degao with the Primary Department gave guidance to the management of the graduating classes. Director Xu Degao suggested that teachers of the graduating classes, especially the head teachers should try to chat, communicate more with the students, understand the psychological state of the students in all aspects, help solve the problems in the students' learning and life, help the students of the graduating classes complete the primary school learning with a positive and optimistic attitude. Finally, Principal Huang Zuning of the Primary Department gave full affirmation to the achievements made by the graduating classes in recent years, and raised new requirements and expectations for the teaching work of this year's graduation classes. She emphasized that the overall quality of education should be improved, and the achievement of Chinese, mathematics and English is an important part of it. The overall development and healthy growth of children are the fundamental goals. What's more, Principal Huang Zuning hoped that teachers would fully mobilize students' initiative in learning, play a good role as a team, and further improve the quality of education and teaching.
In a nutshell, this meeting has made clear the working objectives of teachers of the graduating classes, pointed out the direction for teachers, greatly encouraged their enthusiasm for work and increased their confidence. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all the teachers of the graduating classes, the students of this year's graduating classes will surely bring honor to the Alma Mater with their impressive results and brilliant performance.