Emergency Evacuation Drill
November 9th is the National Fire Safety Day. In order to further enhance the awareness of all teachers and students on fire safety, and cultivate students' basic abilities such as self-protection and self-rescue, Anqing Foreign Language School's Primary Department held an emergency evacuation drill.
To start with, the drill consists of two parts: emergency risk aversion and emergency evacuation. Before the drill, the Primary Department carefully arranged the implementation plan, and made use of the teachers' meeting to deploy the content and process of the drill in detail, repeatedly emphasized the requirements of the drill, and assigned responsibilities to people with clear division of labor.
Specifically, at 8.30 A.M., 44 teachers in charge of 39 monitoring posts came to their posts. At 8.35 A.M., Instructor Rao Dan used the radio station to send out an early warning signal, and the drill officially started. Under the guidance and leadership of the head teachers, 39 classes quickly opened the front and back doors of the classrooms, and students on the first floor immediately evacuated to a safe area. Students on the second and third floors took emergency shelter indoors, quickly covered their heads, and tried to curl up in their desks to avoid risks. Afterwards, the broadcasting station and the playground sent out evacuation signals simultaneously, and the students in the classroom evacuated to the safe zone in an orderly and rapid manner according to the evacuation route.
In summary, through this drill, teachers and students are familiar with the way and route of emergency evacuation and the safe quakeproof area so that we can protect life safety of teachers and students and the order of teaching life to the utmost extent.