Track Meet
On October 31st, 2020, twenty athletes from Anqing Foreign Language School's Primary Department participated in the 4th National Fitness Games and the Track Meet of Primary Schools in Yingjiang District held in Greenland Experimental School under the leadership of Fang Hui, Head of the sports group, and several other physical education teachers.
Although the athletes in our school are generally younger, their performance in the competition is not inferior. During the competition, they fought bravely on the field, displayed solidarity and cooperation, encouraged each other, and fully showcased the elegant demeanour of the little athletes. More remarkably, He Ziqi won the second place in men's 60m and the third place in men's 100m; Zhan Zhiheng was the sixth in men's softball group and the fifth in long jump. What's more commendable is the joint efforts of all the athletes, which made them win the Team Sports Ethics Award.
To sum up, this sports meet not only trained the students' will to fight, accumulated the experience of competitive competition, but also let them understand their own shortcomings. After the game, the teachers of the sports group carefully summed up their experience and reflected on their deficiencies. They expressed that they would improve the training effect with more scientific training methods and more tenacious and hardworking working style in the future training. It's believed that with the joint efforts of the teachers and students, our students will have a better performance in next year's sports meet!