Top Teachers' Classroom Teaching
In order to give full play to the exemplary role of famous teachers, provide a learning platform for young teachers, and promote the professional growth of all teachers, Anqing Foreign Language School held an open week for famous teachers from 19th to 23rd October, during which 7 top teachers presented classroom teaching.
To be concrete, the top teachers' classroom teaching is brilliant with highlights, each of which has its own merits. For example, the class introduction is novel and fascinating; The teaching links are all linked with one another with clear thinking; The language is meaningful with a fine sense of humor; The teachers are good at teaching with appropriate guidance; Each teacher paid attention to mobilizing students' initiative of learning and giving full play to the principal position of student. Meanwhile, there was frequent interaction between teachers and students and among students as well, which achieved the teaching objectives, brought vigor and vitality to class and made the teachers full of praise for the amazing classroom teaching.
Overall, this activity not only helped the professional growth of all teachers, but also led the discipline teaching, constructed efficient classroom teaching, and effectively promoted the teaching work to a higher level in Anqing Foreign Language School.