Cultivation of Writing Habits
As the saying goes, ‘Life begins with wise writing’. The good handwriting can showcase the personal charisma. The habit of raising children's writing standards from childhood plays an important role in their growth and future.
At present, the Senior High School Entrance Examination and the College Entrance Examination both adopt computer marking. Thus, writing standards are particularly significant. Just after the monthly examination, each class of Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the east campus  immediately held a ‘Bid Farewell to Bad Writing Habits’ theme class meeting.
At the class meeting, the teachers pointed out some prominent problems. For example, students still used correction fluid with nonstandard and poor handwriting. In the meantime, teachers presented the well-written answer sheet to students in the  form of pictures for them to appreciate so that students would follow the good example and strive for excellence.
To conclude, in order to further develop students' writing standards, the Junior High Department requires teachers to pay attention to standard writing, explanation and evaluation after writing in their daily teaching, which plays a vital role in students' writing of Chinese characters. In addition, teachers are supposed to cultivate students' solid foundation in keeping practicing writing. Meanwhile, students are encouraged to write every word attentively and sit up straight, which reflects the good writing habits.