Recruitment in Student Club
In the third class on the afternoon of 19th October, 2020, before the school library, leaders of all student clubs arranged the site in advance, waiting for all students who are interested in joining the student society, and a new round of recruitment for the student society was carried out. ‘Art Club’, ‘Animation Club’, ‘Literature Club’, ‘Football Club’, ‘Basketball Club’, ‘Speech Broadcasting Club’, ‘Model United Nations Association’ and other associations were crowded before the publicity booth.
Overall, the purpose of club activities in Anqing Foreign Language School's east campus is to enrich students' extra-curricular life and promote their all-round development. This recruitment work has injected fresh blood into Anqing Foreign Language School's student associations, and it's believed that all associations will blossom in the future and go further and further on the road of enriching Anqing Foreign Language School's campus culture.