Class-Break Setting-Up Exercise

In order to further enrich the campus culture, promote the vigorous development of sunshine sports in our school, and showcase students' positive and enterprising spirit, on the morning of 27th September, 2020, all the students of Anqing Foreign Language School's Primary Department attended a spectacular class-break setting-up exercise competition on the fragrant sports field.
Before the competition, under the unified arrangement of the Primary Department, the teachers of the physical education group carefully planned and arranged the training of the students. In order to make every student grow in the activity and enhance the cohesion of the class, each head teacher organized and arranged the students to prepare for the competition actively.
To be specific, in this competition, all classes from Grade One to Grade Six are required to complete the prescribed programs of colorful sunshine broadcast gymnastics and a characteristic exercise of their own -- martial arts aerobics or opera exercise as well as the demonstration of formation. The judges will grade the students, select the top three winning classes of each grade, and award the silk banners.
Moreover, in the competition, the students dressed neatly and moved perfectly together, showcasing their liveliness and vitality in the vivacious and colorful sunshine music, demonstrating their tenacity and fortitude in the sonorous martial arts ‘Thousand Character Classic’ music and displaying their own charm of connotation in the melodic opera gymnastics music.
Through the whole morning of intense competition, the class-break setting-up exercise competition achieved a complete success.

Attached are the results of the competition.
In Grade One, the champion is Class 107; the runner-up is Class 103 and the third prize winner is Class 101.
In Grade Two, the champion is Class 204; the runner-up belongs to Class 207 and the third place winner is Class 203.
In Grade Three, the champion is Class 307; the runner-up is Class 302 and the third place winner is Class 301.
In Grade Four, the champion is Class 401; the runner-up is Class 404 and the third prize winner is Class 405.
In Grade Five, the champion is Class 503; the runner-up is Class 504 and the third award winner is Class 501.
In Grade Six, the champion is Class 601; the runner-up is Class 603 and the third place winner is Class 602.