Letter Sending Activity
Write a letter to pass great friendship; Write a letter to provide deep warmth; Write a letter to express sincere wishes...
In order to build a bridge of communication between the east and the west campuses,  express the blessings to classmates, let the children in both the east and west campuses better understand the school, and train the writing skills of the students in Grade 7, the Junior High Department of Anqing Foreign Language School's east campus organized the letter sending activity with the theme of 'Conveying tender feelings through letters and forging ahead together with love'.
Specifically, under the guidance of the Chinese teachers, the students took up pens to write between the lines their curiosity about the new school, their concern for the new students and their wishes for the students in the west campus. In fact, the process of writing letters is also the process of children talking to themselves.
Students told what they thought and opened their heart in the form of words, which not only deepened the communication with the students, but also let the students put their feelings into words, recorded beauty with letters, and retained hope with paper and pen.
In a nutshell, if you would like to send colour paper and ruler, long mountains and wide waters will tell you where. The letters sent to the hands of the students in the west campus are happiness, blessedness as well as beauty.