Food Safety Inspection
In order to carry out food safety and the current COVID - 19 pandemic prevention and control work, and fully ensure the life safety and physical health of teachers and students, on the afternoon of 14th September, 2020, led by Level 4 Researcher Lu Shucheng, the inspection team, consisting of Municipal Health Committee, and Municipal Market Supervision and Administration, arrived at Anqing Foreign Language School to supervise and examine food safety and pandemic prevention and control work. Anqing Foreign Language School's President Madam Huang Wenli, Executive Vice Principal Liu Bing, Vice Principal Yan Hongping and other school leaders accompanied the inspection.
To be concrete, the checking group firstly consulted the data, and then examined the canteen, student dormitory, the classrooms and other key areas, acquiring detailed understanding of the implementation of details about food purchasing, peak dining, accommodation condition, classroom hygiene, emergency management of the pandemic, classified storage of materials as well as publicity of pandemic prevention and control knowledge. Furthermore, the inspection team put forward clear requirements and provided specific guidance for the key work as follows: to proceed health screening for the canteen staff, safe purchase of food materials, orientated dining for teachers and students, in addition to classroom illumination, disinfection and ventilation.
Moreover, the inspection team affirmed Anqing Foreign Language School's food safety and pandemic prevention and control work, and required Anqing Foreign Language School to further improve her political position, strengthen her responsibility, and continue to implement the closed-off management of the school, daily temperature detection, off-peak school visits, emergency response and the management of pandemic prevention materials.
To sum up, President Madam Huang Wenli expressed that this inspection was a comprehensive ‘pulse inquiry’ for the safety work of Anqing Foreign Language School and Anqing Foreign Language School would take this inspection as an opportunity to constantly improve the level of scientific campus safety management so that teachers and students would work, study and live more comfortably and at ease.