Teacher's Ethics Speech Contest
At noon of 11th September, the Primary Department held a Teacher's Speech Contest with the theme of ‘Keeping the original intention of education, taking on the educational mission and setting an example of teacher's ethics’. Nine teachers from the front line participated in the competition. All the teachers acted as the judges and listened to the contest carefully.
To begin with, the event raised the curtain in the speech from the host, teacher Rao Dan. The participating teachers expounded their profound understanding of teachers' morality and style from different perspectives and levels, centering on the theme. Some have told their own experiences about the joys and sorrows of teaching, vividly illustrating their understanding and comprehension of the profession of ‘teacher’. Some spoke glowingly of their growth process based on the identity of new teachers when they gradually matured in ordinary positions; Some expressed that they became both friends and mentors to students, realizing self-fulfillment through helping students grow up and reach their prime while some deeply voiced their clank oath to devote their life to education...... The contestants' earnest attitude and sincere speeches touched every teacher present.
Through this activity, teachers deeply realized that love and responsibility are the bridge of communication between students and teachers as well as the guarantee of interactive and harmonious teaching relationship. Teacher's ethics is the most important quality of teachers. Thus, strengthening teacher's ethics is the most significant content of teacher's team construction, which is also the inner need of teachers' self-growth. Have a normal heart for themselves, have a career for work, and have a sense of responsibility for students, which are also the three important connotations of teacher's professional ethics interpreted by this informative activity.
In summary, ‘Hold a heart, yet do not take half blades of grass’. Teachers of Anqing Foreign Language School will continue to carry forward the fine style of work of selfless dedication, being passionate in their jobs and caring for students. In addition, teachers shall initiate the professional standard of 'Moral Integrity and Noble Character' with practical actions and implement the educational concept of 'Making Life Wonderful with Education' as always so that teachers can further contribute to the cause of education.