Commencement Ceremony
Another graduation season promises another harvest time.
The gardenia blossomed all over the tree. More than a thousand days and nights of torpor finally ushered in today's wing transformation. In the past three years, all the ninth-grade students from Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the east campus created brilliant honor together with the school with their own endeavor and sweat. Over the past three years, teachers and students were closely associated and formed a deep friendship with each other. In the past three years, students bearing the parents' entrust worked hard and became mature day by day. Today, we held a grand gathering for our ninth grade students in the school auditorium to send blessings to them who will bid farewell to their junior high school life and embark on a new life journey.
First of all, accompanied by the beautiful opening music, students entered the auditorium in an orderly manner. The graduation ceremony began with the school song. The children were full of enthusiasm and high spirits.
Second of all, student Luo Xuan from Class 907 delivered the graduation speech on behalf of all the graduates and led them to take the oath. The passionate voice, the solemn look and the vow from the bottom of students' heart made everyone see of the growth of our students and the hope of the motherland.
Third of all, parent representative Fang Zihan's mother spoke on behalf of all the parents. We were moved by three years of wind and rain, three years of laughter, three years of struggle as well as countless care. There is no end to love. During the three years of growth, what always stands behind us is family affection. Therefore, we express our heartfelt thanks to all the parents for their full support.
Fourth of all, teacher representative Ning A'fu provided wise guidance for all graduates, put forward pertinent suggestions on students' future life and study, and expressed the deep blessings to student. Thus, this exciting graduation message offered students great encouragement, which won bursts of applause.
Fifth of all, Director Li Ping of the Junior High Department made a speech for the graduates. Three years of time passed by in a flash, recalling the students' growth and struggle, all of which are the green years of all the students. Furthermore  Director Li Ping sent her best wishes and high expectations to the graduates.
Sixth of all, Vice Principal Liu Bing delivered a keynote speech, expecting the graduates to start off with enthusiasm and tolerance, study with rigor and diligence, be a good man with integrity and kindness, and live with warmth and love. In the meantime, we show thanks to all the students of Anqing Foreign Language School.
In conclusion, although the graduation ceremony is short, the wonderful three years still remain in our hearts. Throughout the graduation ceremony, gratitude and happiness interweave, and farewell and hope join together. The three years of junior high school life has passed. We wish everyone will walk the earth and establish themselves in society. The sky is thousands of miles away, and the wind is strong. Thus, students, let us meet the wonderful next stop.