Summing-Up Meeting
Excellent staff and faculty members of Anqing Foreign Language School strive to forge ahead. Looking back at the end of the term, we celebrated the harvest together. The past school year is an important one for Anqing Foreign Language School to open a new horizon again. Under the kind care of the superior department and the hard work of all the teachers of the Junior High Department, Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the east campus has made great achievements in all aspects of its work.
To begin with, in order to better summarize the experience and convey the spirit, all teachers from the Junior High Department gathered in the joint classroom at 12.45 P.M. on 9th July to attend the work meeting for the end of this semester, which was chaired by Director Li Ping of the Junior High Department.
Director Li Ping firstly pointed out that teaching and research work is the lifeblood of Anqing Foreign Language School. While affirming the past achievements and summarizing the advantages of the Junior High Department, Director Li Ping also indicated the severe challenges and required all teachers to stick to their responsibility and accountability. Secondly, Director Li Ping stressed on teaching morality construction, hoping that all teachers would improve the stance and never touch the bottom line. Finally, Director Li Ping guided all teachers to reasonably plan their summer vacation life. For one thing, young teachers should constantly enrich themselves and improve professional skills. For another, head teachers were supposed to do a good job in student management work during summer vacation. Meanwhile, Director Li Ping specially urged the teaching and administrative staff to do a good job in the novel coronavirus pandemic prevention and control, anti-drowning and other safety publicity work for students and themselves.
In conclusion, this is a memorable semester. We work together to fight the pandemic and overcome the difficulties together; This is a fruitful semester and we carried out scientific pandemic prevention and stabilized teaching in the meantime. In the future, we will continue to move forward hand in hand, stick together in times of difficulty, keep going, and forge ahead in unity in an innovative and enterprising spirit