Teaching and Research
Teaching cannot be separated from teaching and research, which is also an important part of teaching. Thus, Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department attaches great importance to it and makes unremitting efforts. At the end of the semester, the Junior High Department held a summing-up meeting of teaching and research leaders in the meeting room on the first floor of the administration building at 15:40 on 10th July.
Initially at the meeting, Deputy Director Hu Sen gave affirmation to the work of each teaching and research group and put forward four points of requirements: first, everyone should strengthen consciousness, attach importance to the thought, and do a good job in each work; Second, the collective preparation of instruction of the lesson preparation group should be implemented instead of mere formality; Third, we should carry out more open classes and let more people participate in them so as to promote the steady progress of teaching and research work. Fourth, subject activities should be rich and colorful, including not only activities but also competitions to further expand the scope of participation.
Finally, Director Li Ping emphasized that any activity of the teaching and research group should be effective with strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions, requiring each teaching and research group to complete all tasks assigned by the Junior High Department efficiently. In the meantime, the teaching and research group should be clear about the listed plan at the beginning of the term, and the implementation should be effective immediately. It is suggested that the teaching and research group leader should go into the class of group members more, learn from each other and improve together.
In a word, the teaching and research work still has a long way to go, which requires all teachers to constantly explore and pursue... Therefore, teachers should learn from each other, exchange with each other, gradually realize the sharing of resources, promote the professional level of teachers, and then enhance the quality of teaching.