Math and Physics Competition
In order to find and select math and physics talents, provide a platform for students to showcase their basic knowledge and thinking ability, increase their interest in learning mathematics, and cultivate their ability to analyze and solve problems, on 3rd July, in the hot summer days, Anqing Foreign Language School held the launching ceremony of 'Mathematics and Physics Competition'.
To be exact, the meeting was chaired by Director Zhang Li of the Teaching Department who firstly affirmed the charm and practical function of mathematics and physics. Director Zhang Li encouraged students to put more time and energy in math and physics to get into their favorite schools.
What's more, at the meeting, top teachers Chen Peifeng and Fu Xiaojiao from Anqing Foreign Language School made targeted speeches to the students who took part in the math and physics competition in Grade 7 and Grade 8 respectively. On the one hand, Chen Peifeng put forward the practicability of mathematics in that the prosperity of math is the significant symbol of the prosperity of our country and the military strength. Therefore, Chen Peifeng encouraged students to take responsibility and aspire to develop their level of mathematics and physics. In addition, he encouraged students to improve their mathematics level in their spare time during holidays, expand their mathematical thinking, lay a foundation on and stimulate interest in  mathematics and physics learning in the future. On the other hand, Fu Xiaojiao not only stressed the significance of mathematics and physics, but also pointed out that mathematics and physics played a decisive role in the Senior High School Entrance Examination and the science experimental class examination of Anqing No. 1 Middle school. Furthermore, Fu Xiaojiao emphasized that interest is the best teacher. Only by keeping curiosity about unknown things and expanding the competitive heart of self-cognition, can interest lead us to a deeper, farther and higher place.
In a word, the meeting concluded in warm applause from the students. The math and science competition for Grade 7 and Grade 8 will be held on August 31st. It's hoped that all students can get good grades! Meanwhile, we also hope that this mathematical and physics contest can stimulate students' interest in learning mathematics and physics and fully explore their talent in mathematics and physics!