Patriotic Speech Contest
On the afternoon of 1st July, the 26th Session of Patriotic Reading Education Activities for Teenagers and the Speech Contest for Middle School Students in Middle Schools of Anqing Municipality were held in Anqing Guesthouse. Three students from Anqing Foreign Language School participated in the competition and won prizes.
Specifically, the speech contest was sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, and the themes were 'Seventy Brilliant Years, Striving for a New Era' and 'Striving for a New Era, and Striving to be a Dream-Seeker". Altogether there were 37 candidates from middle schools of Anqing Municipality participating in the intense competition. In the end, six students won the first prizes, among whom students Yesi Jingying from Class 812 of the west campus and Wang Zhixiang from Class 4, Grade 10 of the east campus of Anqing Foreign Language School won the first prizes, and student Ma Jingyi from Class 801 of the east campus had the honor to obtain the third prize. During the contest, the three students closely focused on the theme 'Striving for a New Era in the Glorious Seventy Years'. With vivid words and cases around them, they showed the stupendous changes in China's development since the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and expressed the spirituality of young people in the new era, who love their motherland and strive to make progress.
To conclude, Anqing Foreign Language School has always attached great importance to the annual speech contest with the theme of patriotism. The three students who took part in the contest are all excellent contestants who have been selected and stood out in the speech contest of Anqing Foreign Language School. Thus, the competition not only demonstrated the youth and talent of students from Anqing Foreign Language School, but also inspired the patriotic enthusiasm and motivation of middle school students to realize their dreams. While enriching the campus life of middle school students, this speech contest also guided them to establish a correct outlook on life, world outlook and values.