Mental Health Education Session
On the afternoon of 22nd June, 2020, Anqing Foreign Language School held a special meeting on mental health education in the conference room on the first floor of the administration building, which was presided over by Liu Qiongdan, Secretary of the Youth League Committee. Vice Principal Liu Bing attended the meeting and made a summary speech. Also in attendance were mental health professional teachers and part-time teachers.
First of all, Liu Qiongdan, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, introduced the main tasks and members of psychological health education in Anqing Foreign Language School.
Second of all, three teachers of mental health education from Anqing Foreign Language School proceeded communication and discussion on how to better carry out mental health education in Anqing Foreign Language School.
Finally, Vice Principal Liu Bing summarized and emphasized that initially we should do a good job of publicity to create a cultural atmosphere of mental health education; Then, we are supposed to strengthen the students' case study to initiate targeted psychological counseling; In addition, it is necessary to give full play to the role of subject teachers and head teachers in comprehensively implementing mental health education with positive psychology, total involvement as well as one-on-one full service.
In brief, this meeting makes the mental health education work in Anqing Foreign Language School set foot on a new stage and provides a strong guarantee for the further promotion of students' physical and mental health.