Sports Demonstration Activities
When the first ray of sunlight in early summer shines brightly over the earth, gorgeous and charming flowers compete for blossom, our children ushered in their own festival——International Children's Day. In order to add a touch of gorgeous color to the children's childhood and leave a happy memory, the teachers of the sports group of Anqing Foreign Language School's Primary Department meticulously organized the students to carry out two subject activities: cheerleading and campus basketball.
On one hand, the children in the cheerleading interest-oriented class confidently and expertly demonstrated the basic skills of rollover, vertical fork, horizontal fork, side leg pulling and so on, and performed in formation with enthusiasm. On the other hand, a group of basketball players distinguished themselves in the campus basketball activities by showcasing their unique skills in low dribble, high dribble and shooting, which demonstrated children's elegant demeanor in the competition and let them gain the friendship in the meantime.
On the whole, the discipline demonstration activity of the sports group 'Celebrate International Children's Day' not only displayed the children's adamantine, optimistic, and confident mental outlook, but also let them feel the happiness brought by sports. Thus, may our children temper their will and learn to grow up in sports during this year's International Children's Day!