A Bulletin of Glad Tidings
Sports students from Grade 12 of Anqing Foreign Language School courageously strive to succeed in a tenacious spirit, and their athletic performance set a new record high. To be specific, 21 sports students from the 12th grade participated in the 2020 Sports College Entrance Examination, 10 of whom got more than 80 points (full score: 100 points) in their four majors! Students with scores above 80 accounted for 50%, among whom Xu Yuxuan scored 91.71 and Deng Qiyu 89.88! On the other hand, Chen Yan scored 89.60 and Chen Yiran scored 88.64!
Overall, no pains, no gains. We would like to express our heartfelt congratulations to our sports students and express sincere thanks to the parents, teachers and all sectors of society who show concern for Anqing Foreign Language School's sports cause!