Young Pioneers’ Initiation Ceremony
On the morning of 29th May, 2020, Anqing Foreign Language School’s Primary Department held a grand initiation ceremony for new Young Pioneers on the playground. Under the guidance of the teachers, students came to the playground early in the morning, waiting for the first significant and exciting moment in their lives -- to join the glorious Young Pioneers organization. This year, three hundred and four new members have joined the Young Pioneers group.
First of all, accompanied by a distinctive rhythm, solemn and orderly flag song, the energetic flag-raisers holding the Young Pioneers flag, accompanied by the flag-bearers, proudly came over, which raised the curtain of the grand ceremony.
Second of all, all the new Young Pioneers sang the ‘Young Pioneers Team Song’ with the song reverberating over the campus. Meanwhile, accompanied by a loud and clear Young Pioneers team song, the teachers tied the red scarves to the new Young Pioneers who wore big and happy smiles on their faces. Afterwards, Counselor Rao Dan led the new members to take a solemn oath under the flag.
Third of all, student Zha Shengxi from Class 7, Grade 1 made a wonderful speech as a representative of the new Young Pioneers in tender and sweet voice and was quoted as saying, ‘Wearing the red scarves, we are qualified young pioneers. From this day on, we will study earnestly and grow happily in the company of red scarves and we shall strive hard to become outstanding Young Pioneers.’
In summary, the whole initiation ceremony was filled with deep warm feelings, and the children’s happy and proud eyes told us that they would bear in mind the Party’s teachings, achieve integrated development and thrive under the guidance of the star torch.