Chinese Teaching and Research
‘When everybody adds fuel, the flames rise high.’ In order to further promote exchanges, unify thoughts and seek common development, on the afternoon of 28th May, all the Chinese teachers from both the east and west campuses of Anqing Foreign Language School held an educational and teaching seminar in the joint classroom in the east campus as planned.
First of all, everyone watched teacher Li Ping's ‘Reading Review for the Senior High School Entrance Examination to Make Understanding more Accurate’ and teacher Liu Yao's ‘Writing from Seeing Big Things through Small Ones’. Evidently, the courses presented by the two teachers had certain guidance for the Chinese reading and composition review of the Senior High School Entrance Examination, which showed us not only a visual feast, but also a spiritual feast. The classroom art of the two teachers deeply affected all the teachers and students attending the lessons, which would benefit the students a lot who would enter the examination rooms of the Senior High School Entrance Exam.
Second of all, at the seminar, teacher representatives commented on the two classes from the aspects of teaching highlights and teaching suggestions, which was featured in highlighted merits and pertinent advice. Both the classroom teaching of the two teachers and the comments of the teacher representatives were worthy of our reference and reflection.
In the meantime, the leaders who attended the seminar made important instructions on the teaching concept of Chinese teaching, which is to interpret the text, dig into the text and sublimate the text. Moreover, teachers were required to always be clear about their role in order to be effective in class. On the other hand, the two campuses were encouraged to carry out more such exchange activities so as to further realize the sharing of resources and keep abreast of each other. Therefore, the valuable suggestions from various parties have made the teaching and research activities just like the honey collected by bees, which achieved the desired effect.
In summary, ‘The way stretches endless ahead, and I shall search heaven and earth.’ Thus, there is no end to teaching and research, which requires us to have more sparks of wisdom. This research further improved teachers' theoretical literacy, professional level and teaching practice ability, which is of great significance and far-reaching as well. Meanwhile, we can also take this opportunity to continue to expand exchanges so that the Chinese teaching work in both the east and west campuses will stride forward towards a higher and further goal.