Madam President’s Speech
Dear teachers and students,
Hello, everyone! It is a very special day today, 18th May, which is our school's birthday. Thus, let us wish our school a happy birthday!
Birthday is everyone's own holiday, so when birthday comes, the ones who share congratulations with you must be deeply in love with you, be it your mom, dad, your relatives and friends. Therefore, birthday is a moment to share love! Today we share our school's birthday, because Anqing Foreign Language School is our second home where teachers love you and you love the teachers. We are relatives on campus, and it is because of Anqing Foreign Language School that we have made the fate of a lifetime.
In fact, birthday is not only the sharing of love, but also the record of growth. Every change in the school, every development, and every achievement are engraved with the trace of the joint efforts of the teachers and children. At this moment, I think your growth story has actually been accompanied by the growth of Anqing Foreign Language School. Students from the Senior High Department spare no efforts and are very hardworking. Hereby, I do not want to elaborate on the naughty student Chen Xi who once scribbled on the campus wall which we still can not wash away now. However, owing to the teaching of teachers and his own effort, Chen Xi was admitted to China Medical University, studying for his doctorate now; Also I do not want to praise Sheng Jia who ranked 1000th or more in the Senior High School Entrance Examination in Anqing City and ranked 20th in the College Entrance Examination in the city; In addition, I do not want to praise the 12th grade student Pei Pei who are humble, studious, optimistic and helpful, praised by many teachers; Instead, I would like to mention Cao Chengyu, a shy boy, who had poor academic performance when he entered Anqing Foreign Language School. Nonetheless, for three years, the small desk lamp in his dormitory was always the first to light and the last to put out. Finally, Cao Chengyu entered the top 10 of the grade and was admitted to the Double First-Class 211 University. Therefore, extraordinary efforts promise extraordinary harvest. Our students from the Junior High Department again and again refreshed the record in the Senior High School Entrance Examination. This time around, I think of a happy smiling face of a girl in our school called Chen Jiaming which seems to be a boy's name. As a matter of fact, Chen Jiaming was our top scorer in the Senior High School Entrance Examination in 2014. Actually she left a deep impression on me, not because she got the highest score in the Senior High School Entrance Examination, but because she always wore a bright smile on her face. We still remember that she used to play the guitar and sing the happy song ‘Little Boy’ on the stage of the get-together. She told us that our efforts should be accompanied by happiness. On the other hand, student Zhu Rui, our top scorer in last year’s Senior High School Entrance Exam, is a very tenacious little boy whose family conditions are not very good. Thus, Cao Chengyu grew up at the small dining table. Although his parents were too busy to pay attention to him, his self-discipline made his grades out of the ordinary. During this novel coronavirus pandemic outbreak, the self-disciplined kids win. Another student Yin Hang who is now in Grade 6 suffered fractures of his right hand when he was in Grade 1. Back in hospital, when the doctor cut the sleeve of his clothes, he cried, for he knew he couldn’t go to school for a period of time. However, when he healed his wound at home, Yin Hang read and wrote with his left hand. He didn’t slack off the slightest. When he returned to school to take his mid-term exam, his grades were so satisfactory, which shows that students’ own tenacity is the only way to overcome difficulties. Every child on our campus has their own stories, and your story will always accompany Anqing Foreign Language School to grow.
Now Anqing Foreign Language School has grown into a 16-year-old handsome boy, as old as our students from the Senior High Department. She has gone through the trials and triumphs of youth and grew into what she is now; She threw off the inexperience of youth, and added the vigor of youth; She overcame her timidity in the face of the storm, and added ease in the face of difficulties; She calmed down the anxious attitude and developed the moral character. More noticeably, numerous teachers have become top teachers in provincial and municipal level and Anqing Foreign Language School has also become both a household name in Anqing City, and a high quality school across China. Anqing Foreign Language School is growing up!
Children, your parents will bless you on your birthday, you will give yourself a wish, and give yourself an expectation on your future; On the other hand, on the birthdays of your mom, dad, grandpa and grandma, you will also wish your family and friends good luck in work and good health, so birthday is also a time for us to express our expectations and blessings. Today, on the occasion of Anqing Foreign Language School’s birthday, let us bless our school more and more beautiful, bless our teachers healthy and happy, wish them work smoothly, bless our children  healthy growth, happy growth, brave growth, and excellent growth! In the meantime, let us bless our senior three, junior three and sixth grade graduates to achieve outstanding results, become your own pride, and the pride of Anqing Foreign Language School!
In conclusion, let us wish our school has a proud, happy and prosperous birthday each year. Therefore, no matter how difficult the journey will be, we should have no fear from scratch! Moreover, we are supposed to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. It’s believed that sweat will record our transcendence and growth! When it’s time for another school anniversary, we are still teenagers when we return!
Happy birthday to you all!