Teaching and Research Meeting
Based on the principle of promoting the professional improvement of teachers, the Teaching Department of the Junior High Department of Anqing Foreign Language School’s west campus held the meeting of teaching and research group leaders and leaders in the lesson preparation group in the second-floor meeting room during the morning reading session on 11th May, which  was presided over by Director Zhang Li of the Teaching Department. Principal Assistant Hu Qilin with the Junior High Department and Director Sun Yijun of the Personnel Department also attended the meeting.
To begin with, at the meeting, Director Zhang Li put forward the guiding ideology of the school's teaching and research work -- be realistic and pragmatic; She hoped that each teacher could play the professional spirit to stand firm in the main position of teaching and research. Director Zhang Li stressed that the routine work of the teaching and research group should grasp the three links: before class, during class and after class. The teachers should carefully proceed preparation of both teaching materials and students. The assignment should be reasonable, stratified, and well designed, which required timely feedback. Teachers were supposed to have students in heart, pay close attention to each student, and know very well the top students and underachievers in their respective classes. Later on, Director Zhang Li proposed several viewpoints concerning the teaching work in graduating classes as follows: classroom efficiency in review lessons is the key, and teachers should implement the processing of knowledge points in writing lesson plans. Other than that, each teaching and research group of all disciplines in the Senior High School Entrance Examination were requested to gather all strength of the group to think together, steadily and orderly promote the review content. Meanwhile, we should attach great importance to the weekly test and take the test to find out the weak points of the students so that we can eliminate students’ blind spots according to the crux with timely remedy.
Moreover, Principal Assistant Hu Qilin of the Junior High Department delivered a keynote speech in which he said that we must race against time and stick to the teaching plan. Then he pointed out the following teaching and research work of several matters needing attention: firstly, conventional teaching should be consolidated. Science teachers are requested to do more exercise while liberal arts teachers should read more books to enrich themselves; Secondly, teachers are supposed to find the problems in the homework correction, and find the correct direction in the common and individual problems; Thirdly, teachers of the graduating classes should take questions to participate in the collective lesson preparation and gather the power of the whole group to discuss together. More remarkably, the teaching and research group leaders should analyze the performance status in each grade of their group, and reinforce the research and guidance to realize mutual improvement of all teachers in the teaching and research group.
In order to make the work of the teaching and research group more detailed and orderly, at the end of the meeting, Director Sun Yijun of the Personnel Department taught everyone the specific operation methods of the periodical and terminal sorting and archiving of the teaching and research group's files so as to facilitate the groups to sort out in time, file in time and consult the materials in later phase.
In brief, walking on the road of teaching and research, we use the pragmatic spirit of exploration, sincere and cooperative work attitude to treat. We have reason to believe that this spirit and attitude will irrigate the flowers of teaching and research in Anqing Foreign Language School to embrace a better spring.