School Opening in West Campus
After the ultra-long winter vacation, T
teachers and students reunited on campus after months of absence. On 26th April, the seventh and eighth grade students of Anqing Foreign Language School’s west campus finally ushered in the beginning of the school year.
To be concrete, on the early morning of that day, under the guidance of the school leaders, the students lined up at the gate of the school in an orderly manner, one meter apart from each other. According to the process of entering school, students were allowed to enter school only when their body temperature was detected, and the body temperature was normal. Because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Anqing Foreign Language school held a special flag-raising ceremony during which all the students sang the national anthem in their respective classes. More noticeably, student representative Yesi Jingying from Class 12, Grade 8 made a speech through the campus broadcast. What’s more, head teachers emphasized the knowledge of the novel coronavirus pandemic prevention and control in the classes through the class meetings with the theme of 'the first lesson of the new semester', so that every student could understand the new rules on campus and start the new course in a safe and orderly way.
All In all, in the April days, the spring scenery is bright, and the classrooms are full of the sound of reading. Students wore masks with an excited mood, and returned to the classrooms that they’ve been too long apart to listen to the teacher's lectures carefully. Thus, the campus whose silence lasted for months, is full of students’ happy laughter and cheerful voices! After a winter of suffering, we finally meet the steps of spring with blue sky, white clouds, sunshine and air, which is brilliant!