Oath-Taking Rally
The sudden outbreak in 2020 seems to have disrupted our steps forward, but time has never stopped. The Senior High School Entrance Examination has entered the 100-day countdown. Facing the epidemic situation, the Junior High Department of Anqing Foreign Language School's east campus sounded the bugle of the charge with the oath to fight for 100 days, live up to the time and seize the moment upon the arrival of the Senior High School Entrance Examination.
In the first place, 5th March is the 100-day countdown to the Senior High School Entrance Exam. All the teachers and students from Grade 9 carried out an online oath-taking rally of the 100-day countdown to the exam in a special way. Students spoke out their dreams with the oath to inspire the fighting spirit.
In the second place, the 100-day countdown to the Senior High School Entrance Examination encouraged students to study hard and fight a decisive battle in the test. At 7 P.M. on 5th March, the 'Online Oath-Taking Rally' was held ceremoniously, which was presided over by Director Li Ping of the Junior High Department. The grand event blew the horn for the 9th grade students!
In the third place, Deputy Director Hu Sen in charge of teaching first reviewed the glorious history of the test results of the Senior High School Entrance Exam of Anqing Foreign Language School. Afterwards, he talked about the values of life, stressing that students should have a sense of responsibility and the sense of ownership, which inspired students' learning enthusiasm. In addition, Deputy Director Hu Sen put forward six practical suggestions and requirements. At last, the slogan of 'Do not relax, roll up your sleeves to work harder, and roll up your sleeves to push forward' greatly encouraged the enthusiasm of students.
In the fourth place, the speeches of teacher representatives Ning Efu and Yang Chun not only put forward the request to the student, but also expressed the firm confidence and earnest expectation to students from Grade 9. Meanwhile, student representatives Fang Zihan and Jiang Yukun solemnly said on behalf of all the students that all students would live up to the expectations of the school, parents and teachers, enrich each day with efforts and sweat to work hard and create good results.
In the fifth place, the speeches of parents of Cheng Jiarui and Qian Xinzhi from Class 902 pushed the online oath-taking rally to a new high. At present, faced with the epidemic situation, we should seize the opportunity in the crisis, and have a firm belief that we have gains despite the losses so that we will pull through and laugh the last laugh. Parents expressed that they witnessed the difficulties of teachers and children during this special time. Therefore, every 9th grade student is supposed to seize the opportunity and devote themselves to the review of the Senior High School Entrance Exam full of enthusiasm with high morale and serious attitude to fight for 100 days, write a new chapter in life, and let the exam become a turning point in life.
In 2020, all the teachers and students had a long and unusual winter holiday. The coronavirus is rampant, however, it will not affect the pace of progress. Experiencing the wind and rain, we will harvest more meaningful growth, for the sun is always behind the wind and rain. The battle against coronavirus shall not hold up our dreams. Instead, let us seize the day and live up to the youth.
In conclusion, the successful holding of the online oath-taking rally created a strong atmosphere of preparation for the examination, greatly stimulated students' ambition, and laid a solid foundation for the decisive winning in the Senior High School Entrance Examination.