Battle Coronavirus Epidemic
First of all, since participating in the anti-coronavirus epidemic volunteer activities in Kangxi River Community Committee, teacher Jin Jin from Anqing Foreign Language School's Primary Department has worked more than 10 days without a rest, bore hardship without complaint and abode by responsibility, which displayed the vivid interpretation of the 'most brilliant career under the sun'. On 25th February, the website of the People's Government of Yingjiang District of Anqing City reported on her story under the title 'Teacher volunteer Jin Jin: shining on the battlefield of the epidemic'. Because of her excellent work performance, she has been hired as 'Kangxi River Community Propaganda Staff", and was awarded 'Excellent Volunteer'.
Second of all, teacher Li Ji from the Primary Department joined hands with other teachers to actively take actions to find a manufacturer that could produce masks who urgently bought a batch of N95 surgical protective masks. On the morning of 30th January, Li Ji sent the masks to No.1 People's Hospital in Anqing City. On 1st February, teacher Li Ji took the initiative to participate in the epidemic prevention knowledge publicity activities held by the Bamao Community Committee, walking around every building in the community as well. On 16th February, Li Ji donated 400ML of blood at the blood donation vehicle of Renmin Road, Anqing City. He hoped to do his best to help those who need blood!
Third of all, Director Gao Yi is a member of the Democratic Progressive Party. After the outbreak, he took an active part in the prevention and control of the epidemic organized by DPP Anqing Municipal Committee. Director Gao Yi joined the prevention and control work in Hengda Community to check certificates, and measure body temperature of the personnel in and out of the community in strict accordance with the provisions. Besides, he proceeded detailed registration of returned personnel and vehicles to promote relevant provisions of disease prevention and control work to let more people understand and cooperate so that they would go in and out of the community as scheduled, actively comply with home quarantine and implement the epidemic prevention and control work.
Last but not the least, on 1st February, after the Youth League Committee of Yingjiang District released the news of recruiting volunteers for epidemic prevention and control, teacher Jin Gensheng of Anqing Foreign Language School's Youth League Committee responded positively to the registration. He went to the post training on 3rd February and was assigned to the community of Paoyingshan, Renmin Road Street. Jin Gensheng cooperated with the social and neighborhood committee to register the personnel and take their temperature. After finishing the prevention and control task of the CCYL Committee in Yingjiang District, on 8th February, Jin Gensheng received the news that Jixian Office of Daguan District would recruit Party members and ex-servicemen as volunteers in the epidemic prevention and control. Thus, Jin Gensheng once again went to the frontline of the prevention and control work to cooperate with the community to inspect certificates, measure body temperature, and carry out personnel registration. Because of his outstanding performance, Jin Gensheng was appointed 'Unit Head' of the community.