Live A Good Collective Life
In order to adjust students' mentality, pay attention to students' mental health and enhance their ability of collective living, on 5th November, the Junior High Department of Anqing Foreign Language School's east campus held the themed class meeting of 'How to live a good collective life' in each class.
Specifically, at the class meeting, the students spoke enthusiastically, elaborating on their understanding of 'Collectivity' one after another. Afterwards, head teachers proceeded guidance, generalization and summarization of students' ideas and viewpoints to help them set up a correct outlook on life, build the vision of a better group living, and put forward suggestions and expectations to everyone.
In short, through this class meeting, students established the concept of growing up together with the collective, learned some appropriate methods to get along with their classmates, understood how to cherish the friendship among classmates, and made clear the true meaning of the collective. What's more, students have expressed that they would actively participate in the campus collective cultural atmosphere to feel, experience, constantly communicate with it, and generate collision of ideas with it so that students would enrich themselves and improve themselves as well.