Routine Inspection
In order to improve teachers' professional ability and constantly promote the improvement of teaching quality, on 28th November, the Teaching Affair Office of Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the east campus carried out the examination of teaching plans and students' homework correction with leaders of each teaching and research group as well as each lesson preparation group.
To be concrete, the inspection mainly checked the teaching plans of teachers and whether the teaching plans contained teaching reflection and unit summary in addition to homework quantity, teacher's correction, students' homework writing format, revision and other aspects.
In the examination, it was found that the teaching plans written by the teachers were clear, standardized and serious, with teaching reflection and unit summary. On the other hand, students' homework was neat and well written. What's more, teachers corrected homework earnestly and responsibly, giving evaluation, marking the dates and offering encouraging comment. They also wrote a written report on the existing problems and gave feedback to the subject teachers.
In brief, through this inspection, we urge the teachers to grasp from the daily work, start from the routine and do a solid job in education and teaching. All teachers can complete the relevant teaching work as scheduled with high quality according to the teaching routine requirements, which fully embodies the dedication of Anqing Foreign Language School's teachers.