Teachers' Symposium
In order to do a good job in the management of the graduating classes and improve the quality of education and teaching, on the afternoon of 21st November, the Primary Department held a symposium for teachers of Grade 6, which chaired by Director Zhao Xinlong.
To begin with, at the symposium, teachers teaching Chinese, maths and English from Grade 6 analyzed the current situation of students in their classes and put forward the working assumptions in the next phase. For the existing problems, everyone pooled their wisdom and efforts to seek solutions; Later on, teacher representatives of the graduating classes from last year sincerely exchanged their teaching experience. Furthermore, Principal Huang Zuning made a summative speech, giving high affirmation to teachers' work and encouraging teachers to continue to pay attention to children's mental health so that teachers could learn from each other and take effective measures to let the children grow more healthily.
All in all, the convening of the symposium made clear the work objectives, effectively stimulated the enthusiasm of teachers and laid a solid foundation for promoting the quality of education and teaching.