Parent Committee Meeting
In order to further perfect the Parent Committee of the Primary Department and give full play to the role of the Parent Committee, on the afternoon of 21st November, the Primary Department held the first meeting of the fourth session Parent Committee in the conference room on the first floor of the administration building, which was presided over by Deputy Director Xu Degao and attended by all the administrative leaders of the Primary Department.
After a brief self-introduction, the committee members discussed and passed the constitution and working system of the 'Parent Committee' and elected the new chief executives of the Parent Committee.
Furthermore, at the meeting, Director Zhao Xinlong of the Primary Department introduced the general situation and the results of education and teaching in the Primary Department. Later on, Principal Huang Zuning presented the letters of appointment to the committee members and exchanged views with them on the development of the department and the methods of education.
In summary, the establishment of the new Parent Committee has laid a solid foundation for the formation of the new situation of home-school cooperation in the future and will certainly play a positive role in the growth of students, family happiness and school development.