English Speaking& Writing Contest
To further build the English learning atmosphere, enrich students' extracurricular cultural life, demonstrate the elegant demeanour of contemporary junior high school students, the English group of Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department carried out the English speaking competition in Grade 7, Grade 8 and English writing contest in Grade 9 with the theme of 'love school, love teachers, love classmates and love the class'. All the teachers from the English group were the judges.
Specifically, more than 50 students took part in the competition, who brought out the best in themselves on stage, spoke with fervour and assurance and performed noticeably well during the fierce competition. Their brilliant speeches, quick thinking and fluent oral English won intermittent applause from the audience. Afterwards, the judges made wonderful comments and evaluations on the competition.
Finally, students Hu Rui, Yang Qibo, Ye Zuhan, Zhang Ruofei, Wang Cancan, Chen Yixian, Qi Junxuan and Zheng Qingxin stood out from the competition with their standard pronunciation, intonation and fluent spoken language, winning the first prizes in the competition of Grade 7 and Grade 8 respectively. Meanwhile, Zha Yuxing, Liu Hao, Dong Xinran and Zhang Feiyao were awarded the first prizes in English writing in Grade 9 for their beautiful and fresh English writing style as well as the standard font.
All in all, this competition not only provided a platform for students to display themselves, but also set off an upsurge of students' oral English practice in the school, playing a strong role in promoting students' English proficiency and love for English.