Start School At Home
Dear teachers and students,
Today should be the first day of school when we are supposed to return to school with teachers and students whom we haven't seen for a long time and have classes in the classrooms happily together. However, an epidemic blocked our meet, blocked the pace of progress and we can only stay at home, wear masks, wash our hands regularly and do not add chaos to society.
Teachers, students, when we stay at home, we are the happy people during this crisis, because medical staff are guarding our safety day and night and because many professionals are still sticking to their posts to protect our normal life. Perhaps your family members have also gone to their posts, who can not accompany you at home.
Therefore, we cannot just wait for the spring to come. Fighting off the virus requires our own immunity and creating the future requires our self-strengthening!
Thus, teachers, children expect your guidance at home. Every day, you should let students make progress, answer their questions in homework, encourage their progress and focus on their daily schedule to see if they sleep late, if they exercise and if they go out at random, paying special attention on their health conditions. On the other hand, teachers, you should seize this precious time to read more books, prepare more lessons, and recharge your career!
Students, from today on, you have started school at home! If you have any questions in your winter vacation homework or extracurricular learning, once you ask, teacher will answer; In addition, you need to watch and learn the online courses earnestly and repeatedly as well as complete your homework on time; In the meantime, you are supposed to read more, exercise more and help your family with housework. It's hoped during this special holiday, you will grow faster, be more sensible, more independent, more conscious and more healthy!
The start of the new term has been delayed and the holidays have become longer than ever. However, there has never been a a nip in the air that will not melt, nor has there ever been a spring season. Spring is still approaching and buds will bloom as scheduled!
Let us warm this winter holiday with action!
Let us meet the beautiful term beginning with endeavor!
        President Madam Huang Wenli
             10th February, 2020