Mobilization Meeting
For the ninth grade students, the study life is intense and busy. Facing the critical moment in their life, they need to make every effort to strive hard. In order to better stimulate the fighting spirit of the ninth grade students, on the morning of 6th December, Director Li Ping of the Junior High Department held the theme activity of 'We are on the road' for the ninth grade students in the Lecture Hall.
First of all, during the activity, Director Li Ping stressed the value of time and asked students to make good use of the fragments of time. 
Second of all, Director Li Ping analyzed students' various psychological states, aiming to make them understand the meaning of growing up so as to stimulate their thirst for knowledge. 
Third of all, through a video of 'A father silently did a lot for his child, only waiting for that moment' as well as in combination with her own life experience, Director Li Ping guided and inspired students to understand their parents and forge ahead. 
Fourth of all, students understood that attitude, efforts and earnest were the magic weapons to win the victory in the Senior High School Entrance Examination.
On the whole, students were deeply and imperceptibly moved by Director Li Ping's speech, which not only let students make clear the direction of advance, but also enhanced their confidence to prepare for the Senior High School Entrance Exam. This activity dropped the curtain in the sonorous and powerful inspirational language.