Rapid Calculation Contest
In order to improve students' basic mathematical ability of quick calculation, strengthen their comprehensive application of mathematical knowledge and improve their ability of mathematical thinking, analyzing and solving problems, on the evening of 22nd December, a mathematics speed calculation competition was held in the joint classroom of the Senior High Department with 50 students from Grade 10 participating in it. This activity not only let students realize the importance of quick calculation, but also promote their ability to think and analyze problems so that students could learn to use mathematical knowledge to solve practical problems.
Finally, after a fierce competition, the following students achieved excellent results:
First prize winners: Taohuang Haobo from Class 2, Grade 10; Yang Peng from Class 1, Grade 10; Wu Jiahui from Class 4, Grade 10; Ma Yin from Class 6,Grade 10.
Second place competitors: Li Zesheng& He Yuan from Class 1,Grade 10; Jiang Tianhan& Li Jiawei from Class 3, Grade 10; Ma Yuanyuan from Class 4, Grade 10; Hu Yue from Class 2, Grade 10; Yuan Shengyao from Class 6, Grade 10 and Zha Bocheng from Class 7, Grade 10.
Third place candidates: Wang Yingqi& Sun Minzi from Class 6, Grade 10; Wang Jingming& Chen Zhe from Class 2, Grade 10; Zhou Gaosheng from Class 4, Grade 10; Hu Zhuoran, Hu Rongqi& Zhu Yuxuan from Class 5, Grade 10; Wang Rong from Class 3, Grade 10 and Cao Junhong from Class 1, Grade.10.