End-of-Term Meeting
On the afternoon of 15th January, 2020, the Junior High Department of Anqing Foreign Language School's west campus held an end-of-term meeting of all faculty and staff in the Lecture Hall, which was presided over by Director Hu Qilin of the west campus.
Initially at the meeting, Director Hu Qilin made a comprehensive summary and review of this semester's work from four aspects: personnel, moral education, teaching and logistics. He affirmed that each department, under the leadership of the person in charge, completed the work in an orderly and efficient manner, making indelible contributions to the achievements and development of the school this semester.
On the other hand, Director Hu Qilin stressed that 2019 was not only an extraordinary year in the development of the school, but also a crucial year to upgrade the level of running the school. Anqing Foreign Language School has entered a new historical period, facing a series of changes and accepting a series of tests. With the belief of sharing honor and responsibility, all staff from Anqing Foreign Language School will go through 2019 in a smooth, orderly, safe and stable way. All kinds of normal work have been carried out and implemented step by step with satisfactory results. However, we also need to have a sense of security and a sense of crisis. As the 2020 Senior High School Entrance Examination approaches, our competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Thus, we have new goals, new tasks and new achievements. Director Hu Qilin hoped that everyone would have clear direction, gather strength, do a solid job and strive to open up a new situation of Anqing Foreign Language School full of passion and high morale. 
At the end of the meeting, Director Hu Qilin summed up his speech with three words: 'Respect, Rest and Recharge'. He paid tribute to the sense of ownership of all staff and their spirit of efforts. For the upcoming winter holiday, Director Hu Qilin hoped everyone would have a good rest and spend more time with their families. In the meantime, he hoped everyone would not forget to recharge themselves. Instead, they should read more, enrich themselves and become teachers of deep learning.
To sum up, sweat irrigates harvest. The year 2019 went far away in the back and 2020 is coming in anticipation. We wish Anqing Foreign Language School to be proud of her success year after year and to create great achievements as well.