Teaching and Research Conclusion
Education and teaching are the focus of school work. In order to conduct timely feedback, proceed continuous improvement, further pay special attention to the teaching routine and do a good job in teaching and research to promote the teaching quality, from 2 to 4 o'clock on the afternoon of 10th January, 2020, the Junior High Department of Anqing Foreign Language School's west campus held the teaching and research work summary meeting of the first semester of the 2019-2020 academic year at the conference room on the second floor of the administrative building, which was presided over by Director Zhang Li in charge of the teaching work and attended by Director Wang Shengxiang with the Moral Education Department and each teaching and research leader of each discipline.
In the first place, at the meeting, Director Zhang Li affirmed the orderly and practical teaching and research activities of each teaching and research group. Later on, Director Zhang Li made detailed and wonderful comments on the summary of the written work of each teaching and research group. She also summarized the teaching and research activities of the school from the aspects of open classes, special lectures, homework inspection, monthly examination and mid-term examination, the growth of young teachers, the characteristic quality activities of each group and so on. More remarkably, during the open week of famous teachers' lessons, all the teachers attended classes up to 320 times, which let everyone reach consistent affirmation on the pragmatic and efficient teaching and research activities of this semester.
In the second place, each group leader summed up the work of their teaching and research group respectively in this semester who carefully summarized the work of the semester, talking about the highlights and reflecting on the deficiencies. Other than that, they carried out on-site quantitative evaluation on the teaching and research work of their group during this semester and gave the score of self-evaluation pertinently.
What's more, Director Wang Shengxiang in charge of the moral education work gave full affirmation to the work of each teaching and research group.
In conclusion, looking forward to the new semester, Director Zhang Li put forward her own ideas on the review test plans of the graduating classes, homework inspection and the unified physical education test of the seventh and eighth grades included in the total score of the final exam. Furthermore, Director Zhang Li arranged the winter vacation homework for each group leader -- a little reflection on the teaching and research work in the new semester to contribute ideas and exert efforts for the teaching and research work. In addition, Director Zhang Li required all the teaching and research leaders to have a pioneering and innovative spirit in their work, pay more attention to both the growth of young teachers and the promotion on professional level of middle-aged and elderly teachers, lay emphasis on the routine management of the teaching and research group, improve the quality of teaching and research activities as well as create a first-class team of teachers.