Organization Life Meeting
At noon on 20th December, the Second Party Branch of Anqing Foreign Language School held the 2019 party members' organization life meeting in the conference room on the second floor of the administration building and conducted the activity of democratic evaluation of party members. The meeting was presided over by Branch Secretary Cao Siqing of the Second Party Branch.
First of all, at the meeting, Branch Secretary Cao Siqing reviewed and summarized all the work carried through by the Second Party Branch under the leadership of the General Party Branch. He focused on the 'Stay true to the mission and keep the mission in mind' thematic education activity and encouraged everyone to stick to learning, participate in practical activities, learn to understand and apply as well as guide practice and promote work with advanced ideas.
Second of all, party members carried out criticism and self-criticism and democratic appraisal activities. All the comrades proceeded serious reflection and found out the shortcomings and deficiencies of their own and others, which was sincere and profound. All comrades humbly listened to the criticism of others and made clear the direction of their efforts in the future. The meeting also voted out two comrades Xu Zuitai and Wu Xia as this year's Outstanding Party Members.
Finally, Branch Secretary Cao Siqing summarized the organization life meeting and required all the party members to emphasize on 'Learning, Faith, Thought and Practice' and keep on learning, thinking and practising to put the learning outcomes of the thematic education into firm will and conscious action so that we could implement the purpose of imparting knowledge and educating people in addition to serving teachers and students to further promote the high-quality development of all the school work.