Chinese Display Activities
So as to carry forward the socialist core values, stimulate students' ambition to strive to make progress and create a strong academic campus culture, on the afternoon of 18th December, Anqing Foreign Language School's Primary Department held the 'Spring Cup' Chinese display activities. The contest began in the drizzle as promised and was divided into two venues according to different grades.
On the one hand, the exhibition place of Grade 1 and Grade 2 is the joint classroom and the exhibition contents are 'I am a little expert' and consulting the dictionary.
On the other, the exhibition place of Grade Three to Grade Six is the School Lecture Hall and the exhibition contents are pen-and-ink calligraphy, composition and extracurricular reading knowledge.
During the demonstration, each class selected within all the class members and the candidates were singled out according to the 10% of the total number of students in each class. Evidently, the enthusiasm of students ran high, each of whom has made full preparation. Besides, the teachers offered meticulous guidance. Finally, the first, second and third prizes were awarded according to the proportion of the total number of participants 1:2:3 and the certificates were issued as well.
All in all, this activity received a warm welcome from students, which not only promoted the formation of the atmosphere of catching up with each other in study, but also elevated  students' comprehensive quality.