City Sports Meeting
The sports meet is not only a grand gathering to showcase the spirit of Anqing Foreign Language School's teachers and students, but also a good opportunity to display the spirit of 'Swifter, Higher and Stronger'. Just after the City Games in 2019, the Junior High Department of the east campus held the mobilization meeting for the 2020 City Games in order to fully arouse the enthusiasm of the athletes and guarantee the orderly implementation of various services during the training period.
In the first place, the mobilization meeting was held smoothly in the joint classroom and attended by the preparatory athletes and all the PE teachers of the Junior High Department. Also, Vice Principal Liu Bing attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech.
In the second place, at the meeting, group leader Zhang Kejiu with the Sports Teaching and Research Group pointed out that we should forge ahead with determination, exploit, innovate and strive for success in the 2020 City Games on the basis of previous experience. Afterwards, teacher Zhang Kejiu understood and guided matters concerned in the charge of each teacher and put forward training requirements to guarantee practical and efficient daily training.
In the third place, Director Hu of the Junior High Department stressed that the sports meet is an arena where survival of the fittest prevails, which permits no dishonesty. Thus, the sports meet represents a spirit of endeavor and healthy competition. It's hoped that everyone can put this spirit into every aspect of their study and life.
In the fourth place, Vice Principal Liu Bing made important instructions to students and was quoted as saying, 'Keep exercising an hour every day, working healthily for 50 years and living happily all our life'. With the advancement of the human history, along with the development of the social progress and civilization, the function and value of sports is being constantly improved and the notion of health thought is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Our educational goal is to improve people's moral, intellectual and physical development.
In the fifth place, sports is the competition of strength, the contest of wisdom, the demonstration of beauty and the need of the harmonious development of mankind. In the intense competition, all the teachers and students should be full of passion and devote themselves to the sports meet with high morale, the courage to fight and the spirit of solidarity.
In the meantime, if we want to perform well in the sports meet, we must train hard on a daily basis, ensure the training time and training methods of students, build student's strong body and temper their strong will. More noticeably, sports is not only the test of students' physical quality, competitive ability, psychological endurance and other comprehensive qualities, but also the comprehensive embodiment of our teachers and students' group consciousness, sense of competition, team spirit and indomitable fighting spirit.
On the whole, through this mobilization meeting, teachers and students made clear the direction and goal. By taking the opportunity of the mobilization meeting, teachers and students of Anqing Foreign Language School shall have sports, splendidness and health as companions on their future road of life!