Democratic Consultation
On the afternoon of 9th December, the democratic meeting of the General Party Branch of Anqing Foreign Language School was held in the party members' activity room, which was attended by General Party Branch Secretary Sun Yijun, each general branch committee member, branch secretaries and presided over by Organization Secretary Lao Guolin.
Initially at the meeting, Secretary Sun Yijun made a self-check speech on behalf of the General Party Branch, which was followed by the self-check speeches of each general branch committee member and branch secretaries. Everyone analyzed the main problems, the root causes and put forward the direction of improvement in their respective speeches. Afterwards, members of the General Party Branch put forward criticism one by one and carried out criticism and self-criticism.
Moreover, Secretary Sun Yijun commented on the situation of the democratic life. She was very satisfied with the democratic life and believed that everyone's speech was profound and in place. Clearly, the meeting strengthened the cohesion, centripetal force and combat effectiveness. In view of the school reality, Secretary Sun Yijun proposed four suggestions: further pursue unity; further strengthen the study, continue to learn theoretical knowledge, and proceed the implementation of 'Do not forget the original intention and remember the mission' theme education; further grasp the management and promote the standardization construction; Other than that, we will strive to become top-notch, build first-class grass-roots party organizations and establish the top-ranking school.
To sum up, through this democratic consultation, the General Party Branch of Anqing Foreign Language School had a new understanding on the political thought and party spirit concept, which made everyone further unify the thought and make clear the work direction so that we would devote ourselves to the school work with more positive attitude.