Home-School Forum
Home and school walk hand in hand and move ahead warmly. On the afternoon of 24th November, Anqing Foreign Language School held a large-scale seminar on family education with the theme of 'Admiring Education is the Guardian Flag of Children's Growth' on the playground of the east campus. The home-school forum is not only a bridge for the school to communicate with families, but also a platform for connecting school education and family education. Since it was first held, the grand event has been well received by the majority of parents and eight previous sessions have been held successfully.
At the seminar, the lecture teacher took celebrity deeds as examples to illustrate the importance of the following character for learning such as self-confidence, hard work and perseverance. In addition, the lecture teacher stressed that parents' admiration for education, their support for school and their cooperation with teachers were the guardian flags of children's development. Afterwards, the lecture teacher mentioned the significance of parent-child relationship in education, helped students understand their parents and let parents understand the children as well. Later on, in the interactive session, students bravely went up to the rostrum, spoke out their wishes and encouraged themselves, which showcased the confident spirit of Anqing Foreign Language School's students.
All in all, through this activity, the emotional exchange among teachers, students and parents is promoted and the learning enthusiasm of students is further stimulated!