15th Pumpkin Art Festival
In order to cultivate students' innovative consciousness, physical and mental ability, enrich their campus cultural life, enhance their aesthetic concept and collective sense of honor and highlight the cultural characteristics of Anqing Foreign Language School, on 3rd November, both the east and west campuses held the fifteenth 'Pumpkin Art Festival' event which attracted primary and secondary school students in Anqing City to visit the school.
After the elaborate settings made by the teachers and students in the earlier stage, the campus was extraordinarily lively and energetic with colorful ribbons, carved pumpkins and cartoon decorations, which was full of ceremonial feelings, adding a different color to the campus. Besides, teachers and students filled their mind with visions and ideas who dressed up to attend the grand event, showcasing themselves and having fun.
In fact, this event is not only rich in content, but also full of fun. In addition to the necessary preservation projects in previous years, such as the exhibition of pumpkin carvings, English Street, ethnic square parade, Happy English Activities, interaction with foreign teachers, talent show, painting and calligraphy exhibition of teachers and students, students' science and technology exhibition, VR experience, rock climbing and high-altitude walking, students' club activities as well as picking oranges and live webcasts from the east campus, which left us an amazing and unforgettable happy memory.
All in all, the annual pumpkin festival activities are becoming more and more influential, which not only enriches the extracurricular life of students, but also cultivates their outstanding qualities in that teenagers should learn science, love science, dare to imagine, dare to innovate, expand the field of study and enrich the connotation of life so that each student can enjoy a wonderful time of happy growth.