Sports Work Conference
So as to further strengthen the smooth and orderly development of the sports work, on the morning of 17th October, Anqing Foreign Language School held the sports work conference in the conference room on the first floor of the administrative building which was presided over by group leader Huang Wenbin of the physical education group and attended by all the physical education teachers. Meanwhile, Vice Principal Liu Bing attended the conference and made a speech.
Initially, group leader Huang Wenbin elaborated on the total arrangement of the sports work in this semester and conducted specific arrangement in terms of students' physical fitness test in later stages, middle school students' track meet and martial arts competition. Other than that, he reminded everyone PE teachers to have a clear goal, make plans beforehand, implement measures, choose the best method and strive for excellent results.
Overall, Vice Principal Liu Bing put forward requests to the physical education teachers from six aspects as follows: First, normal training; Second, physical fitness work; Third, municipal competitions; Fourth, morning  exercises; Fifth, safety training; Sixth, the fifteenth 'Pumpkin Festival' activity. Vice Principal Liu Bing asked all the teachers of the physical education group to arrange in advance, plan as soon as possible as well as safely and smoothly complete various activities.