Supervision Work
On the morning of 26th September, leaders Wang Tingkou, Zhu Rensheng and Yang Haisheng with the fourth district of the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau visited Anqing Foreign Language School to carry out the supervision work. The supervision group conducted a thorough and detailed conversation with relevant responsibility persons in terms of school enrollment and dropout control, safety guarantee and semester arrangements.
During the meeting, President Madam Huang Wenli gave a detailed report to the educational inspectors in regard to the the key work planning in 2019 and educational innovation. For instance, this semester the school implements the weekly report system in safety management. Each department and each class must truthfully fill in the weekly report, after which the special personnel will gather the reports, bind in a volume, proceed problem handling, report and deal with safety hazards in time. On the other hand, Anqing Foreign Language School will further strengthen the food safety work, enhance the quality of feed integration in the school canteen, adopt established brands instead of qualified brands and establishe the parent supervisor inspection system to ensure the in-depth implementation of all safety work and show great vitality.
Afterwards, the supervision group checked the work development, daily work, the construction of campus culture, education and teaching as well as hygiene and safety in the canteen. During the  inspection feedback exchange, the inspection team not only highly praised the reasonable planning, overall arrangements and early deployment, but also spoke highly of the strict implementation on routine management of education and teaching in addition to the safety work. Meanwhile, the supervision group understood the performance highlight in the  follow-up visit, proposed guidance and suggestions, put forward new and higher requirements regarding the morning noon inspection and health examination. Therefore, the school leading group carefully listened to the suggestions of the educational inspectors and the feedback of the superintendent work.
On the whole, efficient supervision work provided assistance for the development of Anqing Foreign Language School. We will continue to improve according to the recommendations of the inspectors, earnestly implement the requirements of the superior and strive to do a good job in various work to create a harmonious and beautiful campus environment for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the new China.