Thematic Education
At noon on 20th September, the second branch of the general Party branch of Anqing Foreign Language School held a learning meeting on the theme of 'Stay True to the Mission and Keep the Mission in Mind'. All the party members attended the study. Secretary Cao Siqing presided over the meeting.
To be specific, Secretary Cao Siqing organized all the party members to study the relevant document spirit of thematic education learning initiated by the superior departments and proceeded detailed arrangements in terms of learning and education, research, problem check and rectification implementation. Besides, in combination with the actual situation of Anqing Foreign Language School, Secretary Cao Siqing made arrangements in regard to the educational work with the theme of 'Stay True to the Mission and Keep the Mission in Mind'. He stressed that the thematic education should not only be combined with quality promotion and improvement on political stance, political literacy and political acuity, but also be connected to daily education and teaching work in that we are supposed to diligently perform teaching routines and adhere to the original intention to do a good job in education. What's more, the thematic education should be integrated with the construction of teachers' professional ethics and virtue so that we can become teachers that people are satisfied with.
To conclude, teachers attended the 'Stay True to the Mission and Keep the Mission in Mind' theme learning education with the fullest enthusiasm, who not only learned and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's important spirit so that they would improve political awareness and positioning, but also made clear how to closely combine the thematic education with their own work and responsibilities to apply their knowledge and achieve knowledge-action unity.