Term Beginning Working Conference
Start from the heart and start anew. At 9 A.M on 29th August, 2019, Anqing Foreign Language School observed the grand opening of the quadrennial staff congress in the Lecture Hall of the east campus. All the faculty members of both the east and west campuses attended the conference, wearing a full set of summer uniforms in white shirts and gray trousers. The congress, presided over by new Chairman Xu Xuchang of the Faculty Union, has five agendas.
At the beginning of the conference, all the staff stood up to sing the national anthem and the new school year lifted the curtain in solemn and harmonious singing.
The first agenda was President Madam Huang Wenli's work report for the 2019-2020 academic year with the title of 'the emerald lotus leaves reach as far as where water and skies meet and lotus blossoms bathing in sunshine exhibit a distinctive dazzling pink'. Madam President stressed on the key work of the new school year, made clear the educational goals and educational objectives. She pointed out that goals are our progressive compass. An effort without a goal can not be formed into persistent and steady promotion. Also, an effort that fails to achieve a goal is in vain. On the contrary, only by aiming at the goal, looking for the way to achieve it, defining specific strategies and plans and making painstaking and persevering efforts, can we achieve excellence. The next year will be a unique year in the field of education. Therefore, we must skillfully work hard to create new splendor in history!
The second and third agendas of the conference were as follows: the oath-taking ceremony by the middle-level cadres and the oath leader is President Madam Huang Wenli. The oath-taking ceremony of all the teaching and administrative staff and the oath leader is Chairman Xu Xuchang. The clank oath expressed the faith and determination to strive for the vigorous development of Anqing Foreign Language School, shaking the hearts of every faculty member present!
The fourth agenda was the general education training of personnel system by Principal Assistant Lao Guolin who strategically and macroscopically introduced the number of the teaching staff with special emphasis on the leave policy and the work attendance checking system so that the new teachers can have a preliminary understanding of Anqing Foreign Language School. Principal Assistant Lao Guolin hoped teachers would perfect and improve their professional competence and realize constant growth and progress by means of the platform.
The fifth agenda of the conference was the general education training of the school system by Vice Principal Yan Hongping who patiently explained in eight aspects as follows: the financial approval system; regulations on the admission of children of teachers; wages, social security and housing accumulation fund; daily maintenance and repair; class property and public property management; the security of a security guard; vehicle management in addition to dietary life. Therefore, everyone can confidently work, live and grow better in Anqing Foreign Language School.
Last but not the least, Chairman Xu Xuchang asked everyone to discuss in groups after the conference, study hard to comprehend the spirit of Madam President's back-to-school work report, put forward reasonable suggestions conducive to the development of the school and announced the successful conclusion of the quadrennial faculty congress and back-to-school working conference.
On the whole, the content of this conference is rich and inspiring. All the staff felt happy to work, live and study in Anqing Foreign Language School. A new starting point means a new journey. In the new school year, all the staff will forge ahead and continue to create brilliant achievements!