Working Conference in East Campus
At noon on 28th June, all the teachers of Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department held a working conference at the end of the second semester of the 2018-2019 academic year in the joint classroom, which was presided over by Mr. Lu Dan, Principal Assistant and Director of the Junior High Department who also delivered a keynote speech.
In the first place, Principal Assistant Lu Dan made a summary report entitled 'Silence Blooming, Persistent Fragrance', in which Principal Assistant Lu Dan firstly summarized the work of this semester in the Junior High Department and thanked all the teachers for their hard work. Then the report affirmed the achievements of safety, school spirit, cultivation education, teaching and research. It pointed out some problems existing in current education, teaching and the places needing improvement. In addition, the report asked all the head teachers to continue to track students' summer vacation safety, requiring them to devote themselves to work.
In the second place, the report conducted arrangement in terms of relevant work during the summer vacation and refined work on writing moral education thesis, home visits, filling applications for the Senior High School Entrance Examination.
In the third place, Principal Assistant Lu Dan proceeded detailed deployment in regard to the teachers' basic skills improvement, enrollment publicity as well as head teachers' summer vacation training.
Moreover, group leaders of each teaching and research group made their summary reports respectively. Therefore, the implementation of the teaching and research group activities is distinctive and brilliant with remarkable achievements.
All in all, the successful holding of this summing-up meeting not only made a comprehensive review and summary of the work of Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the east campus, but also laid a favorable foundation for the smooth development of all the work in the next semester.