Overseas Studying Seminar
At 9 A.M. on 25th June, 2019, the seminar on studying abroad in College of the Canyons and the graduation ceremony of the study-abroad class of Grade 11 were grandly held in the Lecture Hall of Anqing Foreign Language School. In attendance were Anqing Foreign Language School's President Madam Huang Wenli, Director Xu Zuitai of the International Department, Dr. Zheng Jiayi from College of the Canyons, Director Tim of the International Department with College of the Canyons, Ms. Li Xia, Director of the Overseas Study Department of the company, all the teachers, students and parents of the study-abroad classes from Grade 10 and Grade 11 as well as student representatives from the 11th and 12th grades.
First of all, President Madam Huang Wenli delivered a keynote speech, welcoming the leaders and teachers of College of the Canyons who came from afar and thanking them for their support to the Fast Track to Universities in USA Program. Madam President also congratulated the students of the study-abroad class on their graduation and obtaining the qualification to study abroad, expressing her earnest hopes to them. It's hoped they will study hard in the United States, have goals and perseverance, never forget to be grateful to their parents and Alma Mater and strive hard to realize their dreams.
Second of all, Tim, Director of the International Department of College of the Canyons, expressed his welcome to the students who were going to study in the United States. Afterwards, Dr. Zheng Jiayi, Dean of the International College, introduced the basic situation of the Fast-Track Overseas Study Program, including advantages of College of the Canyons, the curriculum setting, transfer guarantee, faculty, tuition and other aspects.
Third of all, student Xia Chengqi who is now studying in College of the Canyons and student Jin Kaisen who has successfully transferred to University of California, Berkeley shared with students and parents their study and life experience in College of the Canyons, expressing that in addition to academic performance, the comprehensive ability training in all aspects was also very important.
Last but not the least, on behalf of all the graduates, student Yao Yuan of the study-abroad class from Grade 11 gave his graduation speech in which he reviewed his study and life in Anqing Foreign Language School for two years and thanked his parents and the school for cultivating him. Besides, he was determined to study hard in College of the Canyons and become the pride of his Alma Mater in the future. Later on, head teacher Yao Fengling with the study-abroad class gave a speech and offered her best wishes to the students. Furthermore, Director Xu Zuitai with the International Department made a speech interpreted on site by student Xia Chengqi to congratulate the students on their graduation and their upcoming study in the United States. Finally, all the graduates of the study-abroad class in the 11th grade presented an English song 'Five Hundred Miles' and accepted the graduation gift meticulously prepared by Anqing Foreign Language School. After the meeting, everyone took a group photo and recorded the unforgettable moment.