Party Member's Public Class
'A party member is a banner.' The demonstration lesson brought by teacher Li Jia set up a banner in the teachers' group, which played a pioneering and exemplary role of party member teachers in education and teaching. On the afternoon of 13th June, 2019, teacher Li Jia, a young party member with the Junior High Department led all the students to enter the Lecture Hall and showcased an open class to the Chinese teachers of the Anqing Foreign Language School.
Teacher Li Jia is a member of the First Party Branch of Anqing Foreign Language School and also a member of the First Party Branch Committee. At ordinary times, she worked diligently and conscientiously during party members' study activities regardless of individual gains and losses, which manifested party members' vanguard exemplary nature. More noticeably, as a teacher, Li Jia willingly bore the burden of hard work, accepted the task of the public class and meticulously prepared for it.
In class, teacher Li Jia wrote down the subject 'A Drop of Water through Lijiang". Starting with the topic, teacher Li Jia guided the students to understand the meaning of the subject and made clear the main content of the article in combination with preview. In addition, she sorted out the trace of a drop of water to look for the beauty of the article and experience the author's emotions. In this class, teacher Li Jia instructed students in simple terms in combination with the characteristics of travel proses and examination techniques. Therefore, the classroom teaching was carried out smoothly, which benefited the teachers and students a lot.
After class, the party branch members conducted evaluation of the classroom teaching, which enhanced the communication and discussion among teachers and promoted the improvement of teachers' overall professional abilities. The deep integration of 'learning' and 'doing' is of positive significance for the realization of the resonance of party building work and education and teaching work.
All in all, in the future, Anqing Foreign Language School will take the 'party member's model class' activities as an opportunity to lead the teachers to focus on their classroom teaching and go up higher steps on the road of imparting knowledge and educating people.