Psychological Counselling Seminar
Adolescence is a critical period for the development of students. In order to enhance the psychological quality of senior high school girls and guide them to form the value orientation of self-esteem, self-love, self-reliance and self-improvement as well as help them face their study and life with more confidence and calm, positive attitude, on the afternoon of 10th June, Anqing Foreign Language School's Senior High Department held the psychological counselling seminar for girls with the theme of 'Let's Talk about Love Together'. The keynote speaker was mental-health Counselor Wang Manyun with Anqing Foreign Language School.
To be specific, teacher Wang Manyun narrated on issues such as the significance of opposite-sex interaction, discussing love, love tips and girl's self-protection, explaining relevant knowledge in simple terms so that schoolgirls would adjust their mentality and behavior and reasonably deal with various problems and temptations brought by adolescence. Evidently, teacher Wang Manyun spoke like a friend and enjoyed popular support from the schoolgirls so that students would showcase self-esteem and self-respect to grasp the youth and become a better version of themselves.
To sum up, the essence of love is taking responsibility! This seminar not only enabled students to correctly understand their own physiological and psychological changes, deal with the pure friendship between male and female students, but also helped them to learn to choose, learn about self-control and learn to be responsible!