Speech Contest
On the afternoon of 10th May, Anqing City held the speech contest of 'Entering A New Era of Reform and Opening Up'. A total of 45 contestants selected from various schools in the city participated in the contest. Students Zhang Yu and Fang Yizhi from Anqing Foreign Language School's Senior High Department and Yesi Jingying from the Junior High Department took part in the competition.
During the competition, the players kept close to the theme and spoke glowingly of their understanding of the development and changes in China since the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up policy in combination with the narration of their elders and their own life experience in appropriate intonation with rich body language and touching expression, which conveyed students' understanding of the theme of the event and their feelings in this reading activity.
The three contestants of Anqing Foreign Language School showcased their favorable Chinese accomplishment, patriotic spirit and enterprising spirit in the speech, which moved all the audience. The students expressed their recognition and praise to the speakers with warm applause. On the other hand, the judges meticulously judged the contestants according to their speech contents, language expression, image performance and other aspects. After the fierce contest, the three candidates of Anqing Foreign Language School all won second prizes in city level.
In summary, the speech contest not only enriched students' campus life, created a rich campus cultural atmosphere, improved students' language skills, but also demonstrated their mental outlook to love the Party and love the motherland with enterprising spirit.